Albéa (formerly Alcan Packaging Beauty) joined forces with the Aptar group to create the Precitube Line, a wide range of airless tubes. The line’s purpose is to guaranty a perfect conservation of the formula, from transportation to consumer use, and an optimal product application.

With an integrated air less pump system in the design, the Precitube models prevent sensitive formulas from drying or discolouring when in contact with oxygen and so guaranty freshness from the first to the last use. According Albéa, “these tubes also offer an increase shelf life, from the most viscous to the most sensitive products, remaining practical and easy to carry format.

The Precitube Line features five airless tubes available in medium and small diameters, with various airless pump designs:

- Soft Precitube, Ø30mm, conveys a soft and pure image thanks to its soft-shaped design airless pump.

- Spray Precitube,Ø30mm, is equipped with an airless pump specially created for spray actuator: hair care solutions, styling products, make-up removers, sunscreen products…

- Square Precitube, Ø30mm, combines elegant design and smart ergonomics, particularly adapted to face care solutions or specific treatments.

- Mini Precitube, available in two diameters (Ø22 & Ø19mm), allows facility to use and a perfect dosage for moisturizing and anti-ageing formulas.

- Deluxe Precitube, available in two diameters (Ø22 & Ø19mm), is created for the most precious contents. Its airless pump with its unique stylish spatula appearance is specially made for controlled delivery product and nice massaging effect.