French botanical ingredients supplier and developer of natural and organic products, Alban Muller is reinforcing its position as a specialist of environment-friendly products with the launch of a new consulting service.

The Alban Muller Group is answering to the increasing demand from companies in the cosmetics, food and phytotherapy industries for eco-responsible products. The group intends to capitalize on the experience it has developed over more than 30 years in the design of ingredients and products with limited environmental impact. Alban Muller considers that there are hardly any competitors on the beauty, health and well-being markets that are currently able to manage this complex question.

The current success experienced by ‘organics’ only reveals the desire consumers have to adopt environment-friendly habits in their lives and consumption, guaranteeing, among other things, safety in use. In order to seriously meet this high expectation, we cannot limit ourselves to the means of obtaining certain ingredients: we must deal with this subject more globally and explore each of the elements in manufacturing a product” analyses Alban Muller, President of the Alban Muller Group.

The Group therefore offers assistance to brands interested in developing products with a low ecological footprint. The service covers the selection of raw materials, the definition of the product’s positioning, the selection of the packaging and the product’s formulation. The Alban Muller Group may also help brands reformulate their existing care and well-being products in an eco-responsible approach.