Alban Muller proposes an original solution to address the demand for fast and cost-efficient cosmetic products developments: the Ami-feels, a range of already developed natural textures ready to be customised with the multiplicity of eco-friendly ingredients the group offers.

The purpose is obviously to save time by avoiding to develop the entire product from scratch and by concentrating on the activity, the image and marketing.

Ami-feels were developed with high-quality raw materials, with hydrating and nourishing benefits, and do not expect more than our customers’ creativity to become their own finished formulas,” explains the company in a release.

The range features textures with different viscosity formulated without silicones:

- 2 serums,
- 1 very fine, light fluid emulsion,
- 1 very gentle, slightly pinkish emulsified gel,
- 2 light emulsions rapidly absorbed, perfect for day care, hydrating creams, teenage skin care,
- 1 cream-gel fresh and slightly gelified, suitable for teenage and oily skin,
- 1 intermediate texture, unctuous and melting cream for all skin types, day and night care,
- 2 rich textures, comfortable and particularly nourishing, adapted to mature, very dry skin, day and night care.

Alban Muller says that more textures in progress are to be launched soon to expand the range (lotion, shower gel, etc)!