Preparami is a new a 100% natural purified extract of prickly pear in jojoba oil [1] designed to prepare and repair the skin under various types of stress constantly experienced by the organism, both directly on the skin (sun, mechanical or chemical aggressions, temperature variations,etc.), and on the general metabolism with consequences on the skin (mental stress, jet lag, etc.).

According to Alban Muller, the new active prepares the skin to external aggressions by conditioning cells thanks to a faster Heat Shock Proteins (HSP) synthesis, it repairs the skin by stimulating its natural repairing system and prevents premature ageing due to stress and aggressions. It acts by accelerating the appearance of chaperone proteins, or HSPs, a universal cell-defense tool helping organisms to adapt to unfavourable conditions set by the environment.

The efficacy was tested in vitro (HSP stimulation in stress conditions) and ex vivo (stimulation of skin repairing factors: PPAR, desmine).

Preparami can therefore be used in several cosmetic applications: day creams, “anti-aggression” foundation shields, skin care products to fight ageing due to environment stress, specific care for hands and lips (balms and lip sticks), sun care, waterproof protection creams, etc.

Alban Muller chose to stabilize the active a jojoba oil carrier for the formulation benefits brought by the vegetal oil, the marketing benefits of the natural substance grown and for the benefits for the skin and the hair.