Alban Muller, a French supplier of natural cosmetic ingredients, has showcased its newest innovations at in-cosmetics North America, which took place in New York on September 7th-8th, 2016.

An anti-ageing active from the boreal forest

Borealine Expert is a 100% natural active from the boreal forest’s trees, in partnership with Bio ForeXtra, which specialises in the development of active ingredients derived exclusively from barks generated by the Canadian forest industry, thus leading to a boreal forest’s biomass eco-valorisation.

Borealine Expert can be used into “global anti-ageing” skincare, anti-wrinkles, plumping and repairing products for mature skin.

Borealine Expert [1] is a red maple bark extract with a very high polyphenol content. The active’s efficacy was tested in vitro and in vivo. In vitro tests have highlighted its action on dermal tissue regeneration, its antioxidant action and anti-inflammageing effect. A clinical evaluation during two months on 17 women highlights its anti-wrinkle, firming and skin elasticity effects.

Borealine Expert can be used into "global anti-ageing" skincare, anti-wrinkles, plumping and repairing products for mature skin.

New ranges of natural ingredients and actives

Alban Muller also introduced Cosme-Phytamis, a new range of plant extracts, preservative free, “with a concentration in active molecules 5 to 10 higher than the other extracts in the market.

In order to help brands to remove plastic microbeads from their formulations, Alban Muller also proposes two exfoliants that are 100% renewable: Scrubamis, a powder of fruit pits and shells, and Silicami, a silica-based powder.