Cost reduction

According to Alain Chevassus, CEO of Cosfibel group, "Crisis has really settled in! Sales have dropped - 10% in the best cases - 20% in the worst ...! We are taking the blow like everyone. It is time to save up" Consequences: cost reduction at every level of the Group "Cosfibel will not be attending Luxe Pack in Monaco, indicates Alain Chevassus, even though this was a difficult decision to make because this show remains a must".

But Alain Chevassus wants to remain optimistic. "Crisis will have helped setting the record straight". He believes that crisis has changed consumers, as well as the whole industry that depends on it, calling for "primacy of local service and creativeness".

Alain Chevassus also considers that the industrial world is starting to split into two main categories of actors: "on one side big manufacturers capable of producing large quantities and on the other side, the multiplicity of other manufacturers, we also belong to, flexible, fast, creative and multifunctional" And to seduce new consumers you must adapt yourself. "Promoting events will make the difference, underlines Alain Chevassus. We must be able to answer local demand..."

Urban network

Hence a network oriented strategy for creativeness, manufacturing and commercial proximity. Urban network®. Client minded, the group is weaving an urban network, in other words, it is moving closer to its clients in urban areas, to answer their needs in terms of product presentation and promotion in their outlets.

Via this network, Cosfibel provides comprehensive services: from contacts and order taking to distribution through design, technology and logistics. All necessary steps related to prior ranking by major groups and their headquarters, but also by independent clients careful about safeguarding their identity.

"This working model answers two challenges, explains Alain Chevassus. With the emergence of large metropolitan areas that generate new centres for decision making, it is necessary to support local services, to meet orders at this level. So, Cosfibel’s organization enables to help a local client when the need is local and an international client when necessary. In addition, being close to clients saves time! The ability for responsiveness and flexibility are some of the main assets of Cosfibel".

In this context, is service also synonymous with Full Service? "Yes, undoubtedly," underlines Alain Chevassus. "Today we can also offer Full Service thanks to the partnerships we have and to the ones we are implementing".

Since 2000, year when the group was created, network is growing: Brussels, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Düsseldorf but also Sao Paulo, New York, Shanghai and Hong Kong. In 2008, Cosfibel has also settled in London and Moscow. Today Cosfibel operates in 11 major cities and the group plans to be present in 50 cities within five to ten years.