Premium Beauty News - Where does Ajnalogie’s concept come from?

Agathe Jacquinet - Back when I was at the ISIPCA school as an international marketing Master’s student, I worked as a trainee for Phyto, a brand which develops plant-based hair care products. It was a fulfilling, deeply inspiring experience about the power of plants. The discovery of aromachology led to both a revelation and a statement of fact: the benefits of plants in perfumes are very little – almost never – highlighted. That is why I felt like creating a brand which would blend the magic of perfumes and the richness of raw materials.

I had the idea of a perfume range with real virtues in terms of wellness and emotions. I also banked on a 100% natural range, though I do not think aromachology is only related to naturalness: anyone can feel emotions with chemical molecules. My choice of 100% natural formulas is not meant to run down synthetic substances, but to provide perfumes with both depth and energy.

Premium Beauty News - Could you describe your creative process?

Agathe Jacquinet - Once the concept was clear in my head, I started to look for a perfumer. I met Éléonore de Staël, a young perfumer specialized in 100% natural formulas. Then, we were lucky enough to meet experts in this field by hosting thematic workshops. Annick Le Guérer enlightened us about the cultural and historical aspect of aromachology. Sabine Le Camus, professor at ISIPCA, explained to us the virtues of certain accords, and thanks to chemist Francine Joly, we studied the influence of materials and perfumes on our emotions. After a creative phase which lasted a bit more than a year, we had our concentrates produced, and then packed in Grasse, in southern France. As for materials, Éléonore likes working with IFF and LMR.

Premium Beauty News - What about the isolates derived from natural materials, but which are classified as synthetic notes?

Agathe Jacquinet - Right from the beginning, Éléonore wanted to use them, because she is used to formulating perfumes this way. And these molecules actually offer a broader palette for perfumers to structure and facet their fragrances.

Premium Beauty News - What do you think makes your brand original?

Agathe Jacquinet - Our concept targets customers in search of connection. Beyond selling perfumes, I am very keen to provide wellness and advice to help people develop and accept themselves. For example, I host olfactory meditation sessions. This concept is also original in that we chose to offer “open” formulas. Lastly, the main raw materials are indicated on the packaging to present their benefits.

Premium Beauty News - Is Ajnalogie intended to revolutionize the niche perfumery landscape?

Agathe Jacquinet - Ajnalogie’s added value lies in how it diffuses a vision of wellness in the perfume world. For example, beyond perfumes, I created a personality test to determine people’s emotional profiles and needs, and guide them into creating their own daily perfume ritual. Above all, I want to help them adapt their perfumes to their moods. To this aim, I designed a “ritual” box (€75) composed of five 5 ml flasks, so they can have them all. This box makes it possible to fully experience the brand’s concept. That is also why I chose small sizes: I wanted to offer the possibility to have several perfumes for an affordable price (30 ml for EUR 65), despite the high cost of natural formulas.

In the perfume industry, it is rare to associate a fragrance and a chakra: Sérénité 4.0 corresponds to the fourth chakra, Désir 2.0 to the second, etc.

The renewal we offer with Ajnalogie is also related to perfume application gestures. Each case is fitted with a pipette, a gentler, intimate and sensual application ritual which helps reconnect with yourself, your perfume, and sensorial energies. The spray is somewhat more mechanic, and this gesture in line with the “slow” trend is very popular. On Instagram, I regularly post ritual models, for example to explain how to apply the Confiance 5.0 perfume related to the throat chakra on the throat, with the pipette.

Premium Beauty News - How do you see Ajnalogie’s future?

Agathe Jacquinet - I would like to make people discover my brand in studios fully dedicated to wellness – cocoons where you can blend perfumes, meditation, skincare, etc. In the short term, of course, I will develop points of sale, although I do not think a “niche” concept store would really be adapted to my concept. I am also considering completing the range with two perfumes related to other chakras. But above all, I intend to create products which improve the notion of “wellness ritual”, like candles, for meditation, or sensual oil for the Désir 2.0 perfume. I am keen to target life moments when we need these smells. Ultimately, there will be a range of olfactory jewels to diffuse perfume like pomanders, by combining the virtues of stones and perfume plants.