The most-loved lipstick? Creamy and long-lasting

And for a lipstick like this, a cornerstone of all self-respecting makeup lines, packaging is needed that is both worthy and able to enhance the formula. It’s not an easy task seeing as longwear lipsticks, the most requested on the market, are formulated with particular volatile raw materials which allow for longer-lasting color.

Today, consumers demand products with lasting color that doesn’t transfer and that are also resistant to the constant rubbing action of face masks.

To make this happen, cosmetic laboratories have developed new generation formulas with the right mix of volatile substances enriched with innovative polymers, low or high melting point waxes, with the addition of active ingredients that contribute to reducing any damage, which might be caused by the long-term use of masks.

Throughout this evolution, packaging plays an essential role because, besides being aesthetically pleasing to look at and practical to use, it has to live up to the important task of maintaining the integrity of characteristics of the product it contains. A task for cosmetic companies that becomes a true technological challenge of combining design, functionality, and safety.

Airtight lipstick A-TX2 by Lumson: safe, versatile, long-lasting

Lumson, a pioneer in the development of packaging in tune with new consumer habits and changing marketing needs, backed by its expertise in the world of lipsticks, has chosen to take on this challenge and to launch an air tight lipstick on the market: A-TX2.

A-TX2, destined to become a best-seller, was developed to preserve formulas requiring packaging that is long-lasting.

The A-TX2’s characteristics are that of a sophisticated, yet versatile product: cap and base in ABS, cup available in POM or PBT, with a diameter of 12.7mm. The world of cosmetics packaging offers different solutions, especially when it comes to stylos, but few are available in the 12.7mm diameter of classic lipsticks, and for a premium positioning A-TX2 can be metallized without losing its airtight qualities.

What are A-TX2’s advantages? Airtightness, technological innovation, and versatility.

The characteristic of hermetic (airtight) packaging ensures that the product within doesn’t dry out or deteriorate, while technological innovation combined with versatility make it a product in step with the times.

Customization and aesthetic research are requirements in cosmetics packaging, especially if involving a product that is a master of seduction like lipstick, and Lumson doesn’t disappoint, offering a variety of customization possibilities to give each product a little something "extra".

Thanks to its characteristics, A-TX 2 by Lumson is the ideal solution for those who desire a safe product with immense appeal.