Air0Pack is a new application for filling liquids, powders, gases and products of average-tohigh viscosity (such as gels, creams or foam) into recyclable plastic packaging (PET), produced and assembled by Air0-Lux, a Switzerland-based joint-venture between Resilux and Swiss-Dutch group I.P.S. (Innovative Packaging Solutions AG).

According to the manufacturers, Air0Pack’s technical features provide several advantages to in terms of safety and environmental friendliness.

Indeed, Air0Pack is characterised by a patented pressure control device, providing a continuous dispensing flow rate from the beginning to the end, leaving for instance a minimal amount of residual content in the packaging. Air0Pack is further distinguished by the fact that this pressurized packaging system is not operated by conventional hydrocarbon chemical propellants, but by ordinary compressed air.

Air0Pack can therefore be used as a valuable, sustainable, safe, efficient and environmentally friendly alternative, not only for conventional spray cans in metal or aluminium - which work with hydrocarbon propellants and which can, for instance, never be entirely emptied by the spray, because of the decreasing dispensing flow rate as the product is used up - but also for mechanical dispensers (hand pumps, pressure pumps or trigger sprays).

Air0Pack has been designed for use in a wide range of sectors (for instance Personal and Beauty Care, household products, adhesives, the food industry, the medical and pharmaceutical sector).

The first Air0Pack deliveries are scheduled for September 2010.