At a press conference organised last week on the occasion of Beyond Beauty Paris, the APA (Airless Pack Association), which comprises to date, five member companies [1], presented its charter summarizing the main technical criteria required to obtain the future quality mark it wishes to put on all airless containers produced by current and future members of the Association. The goal of the association being “to clarify the global offer in terms of airless packaging” and to identify a “genuine airless system” from a system misusing the denomination.

APA’s initiative comes at a time when the airless market is booming. On the one hand, fragile formulas of current products require greater protection, and, on the other hand, technological progress allows airless to be used for more varied textures and sizess.

APA’s charter classifies airless products into three categories, whether they are meant to package cosmetic products, pharmaceutical products or preservative-free products. All criteria are reviewed: instant seal, durability of sealing, protection, pump priming, full restitution, dosage accuracy and regularity, container integrity under drop test, air intake under drop test, sterilizable pack or not, and sterility preservation during use, etc.

Every company wishing to join the Association and use the logo "Certified Airless by APA" will therefore have to submit its products to a series of tests performed by an independent laboratory. Effective implementation planned by the end of this year.

See chart attached: