Main objective of AirlessPack Association in 2009: carrying out a number of actions in order to promote and communicate throughout Europe on a system that offers multiple advantages in terms of packaging, delivery and preservation of products, whether cosmetic, pharmaceutical or even alimentary.

Of course the aim for member companies is to help developping the global market related to this type of products.

First stage, elaboration of a press kit and sensitizing of main European media, whether professional or mass audience, written or broadcasted, on the benefits of using airless dispensers. Several dozens of journalists have received or will receive a complete kit describing the Association and its goals. Appointments have been (and are) made with members of the Association to help journalists improve their knowledge in this unique system in terms of packaging and delivering products. Main objective, publication of articles and/or inquiries about airless systems.

Second stage, joint implementation of a website dedicated toAirlessPack Association to help professionals as well as mass audience, find details regarding the Association and its goals as well as information on the system itself and its advantages.

Third stage, sensitize all actors both, at the level of payers and at the level of prescribers (for instance Mass Distribution) so that airless dispensers are used more massively. The organisation of an European round-table is already scheduled for the second half of 2009.

Fourth stage, lay foundations for a genuine "airless label" the implementation of which would begin early 2010, perfect highpoint and a guarantee of quality and recognition granted to this type of system.

Obviously, it is fundamental that what was first initiated by four manufacturers of the sector is relayed and amplified by all the other actors involved in the business, because as the old saying goes... "United we stand, divided we fall"

One will also note that since the beginning of 2009, Airless dispensers are not concerned by the crisis! A clear sign that this type of packaging suits exactly current needs in terms of preservation of the content and hygiene.