Consumer research have highlighted the many benefits of Cushion Compacts...

Consumer research have highlighted the many benefits of Cushion Compacts for the user.

Premium Beauty News - Tell us more about Skinlys.

Carine Foucault - Skinlys is the skincare & make-up contract-manufacturing division of Sollice Biotech. And thanks to our new industrial site in Bergerac on a 3000 m² area, we can now offer customers an infrastructure specialized in skincare and foundation products along with the development and production of customized cosmetic formulations. The site is GMP ISO22716 certified.

Premium Beauty News - Why did you develop an expertise on the Airless Cushion Compact?

Carine Foucault - We are clearly taking advantage of this Korean "Cushion mania", by becoming an expert in Airless Cushion Compact formats, from the design of formulas adapted to the specificities of this pack, to the filling stage, to offer turnkey products. Consumer research have highlighted the many benefits of Cushion Compacts for the user: active make-up, value-added formula, hybrid product, nomadic, repeated touch-ups, comfort, ease of application, pay-off, performance, wellness, a product with strong potential for loyalty.

The Airless Cushion Compact has the advantage of being more hygienic than traditional Cushion Compacts (double sponge system). Hence, our technical teams developed an expertise on Airless Cushion Compacts by drawing inspiration on this observation, adaptation - product benefit. Our expertise in skincare and make-up has enabled us to develop an expertise in this product category.

Premium Beauty News - You will be present at Cosmoprof Bologna?

Carine Foucault - Indeed, on our Skinlys stand at Cosmoprof, we will introduce this innovative product that will boost the expectations of cosmetics brands. We studied the synergy between this new delivery system and compatible formulas, the textures of which are perfectly adapted to this new gesture.

We made some industrial investments to automate filling operations of airless compacts, by adapting our production lines. Also adding technologically and in-house developed equipment, Airless Compacts are made of sophisticated components that require very specific technical expertise during filling and assembling operations.

The compactness of the Cushion pack requires developing and offering our customers a range of effective multifunctional textures, at the cross-roads between skincare and make-up. Hence, our Cushion Compacts will soon become the new beauty tools and the best friends of women on the go. In addition to the Company’s general business environment, this is the reason why big names in the French Luxury industry and younger and innovative brands trust us.