It took us eighteen months to develop this technique,” explains Éric Merville, General Manager.

Éric Merville, General Manager

Éric Merville, General Manager

A technique that, according to the company, offers multiple advantages that can be summarized in three points:

- an optimum result in terms of textures, shapes and surface effects,
- an extremely clean process,
- a highly competitive technology.

A dual injection/formulation expertise

Both a manufacturer of cosmetics and a plastic injection specialist for the manufacture of packaging, Aircos will have drawn from this dual expertise for the development of this new process. A dual expertise that enables the French firm to also offer the best possible mastery in terms of container/content compatibility.

"This technology clearly opens us the door to new markets, emphasises Merville, and represents a real breakthrough in this market due to the quality of the obtained textures; and we are still making progress every day with the help of both our expertise in formulation and our knowledge in injection processes."