Premium Beauty News - As far as Full Service is concerned, you are obviously well positioned?

Frédéric Lancesseur - At Aircos, our mission is to offer innovative, customized solutions through our formulation laboratories and, of course, our specialized sites (make-up and injection). From the designing of the pack to the formula including production, our teams can offer a truly full-service make-up range. A solution that oversimplifies the supply chain, reduces development times and offers competitive ’Made in France’ products. Don’t forget that to complement our formulation offer and propose an innovative technological solution, we have developed a specific back injection process called “IPM”, from our expertise in plastic injection and make-up formulation. This process allows for the development of new generation formulas combined with surface effects, while maintaining the best in each ingredient.

Premium Beauty News A lot of novelties are planned at our stand at MakeUp in Paris?

Thomas Sirot - Yes. We have, for the past 3 years, placed innovation at the centre of our development strategy.
At the forthcoming MakeUp in Paris on 12 & 13 June next, we will showcase a powder range for a flawless complexion (the Blur range), a new futuristic eyeshadow effect (the Holographic Glitter), a 3-in-1 metal product (the Glossy Metal), and a 3D volume effect to dramatically highlight textures.

As for the Blur range, it is a range of loose or compact powders that makes it possible to optically correct skin irregularities. The formula fills in the skin reliefs while reflecting the light from the small hollow of the epidermis in order to illuminate these shadowy areas. As a result, the skin texture looks smoother, pores are tightened and blurred out, small scars are less visible, wrinkles and fine lines are reduced.

With Glossy Metal, the metallic trend of podiums is revisited with a multifunctional product. Obtained with the “IPM” technology, it is an ultra-creamy texture with an intense and thin film as of the first application. It is truly a fashion accessory! On eyelids it can be used as a halo, a contour or as an up or under liner. It can also be used on lips or eyebrows. Its promise: a very good hold, which does not require an airtight pack.

As for our product, Holographic Glitter, it provides a true futuristic effect to give a 3D effect to the eyelid thanks to its holographic glitters. Its creamy, melting texture, obtained with our “IPM” technology, enables to achieve an ultra glittery eye shadow with a long hold.

Finally, to highlight a featured product or create an animation, again with our “IPM” technology, we offer impressive volume effects (half sphere) with very fine details. A plastic grid can also be used to create logos or give specific geometric shapes.