Éric Merville, General Manager, Aircos

Éric Merville, General Manager, Aircos

Premium Beauty News - You announced just a year ago the implementation of a new operational internally developed technology for the injection of make-up products. What is the situation like today?

Eric Merville - This technology using both our expertise as a formulator and injector was 100% developed internally. We will be in an industrial production stage this year for products marketed in 2014. This new process enables to not “traumatize” the ingredients (in particular pigments and nacres) and to thus obtain an amazing smoothness and brightness.

Premium Beauty News - You will be attending in a few weeks MakeUp in Paris. What will be the main highlights in terms of product lines? Especially concerning your Spring / Summer 2013 range?

Eric Merville - Among other innovations, Aircos will showcase on the occasion of this show its new “Cashmere” textures obtained from the IPM process. These textures have an amazingly thin, silky and airy touch. They will be made available for both complexion and eyeshadows.

Premium Beauty News - You were announcing last year the strengthening of both your R&D structure and full service activity. Have the months that have just passed been profitable?

Eric Merville - Regarding R&D, we have actually reinforced our team to reconcile innovation and comply with our commitments; we known that these two qualities do not always go well together! Concerning full service, with the increasingly demanding market, it was logical for us to adapt to it; it must be recalled that when Aircos refers to full service, it concerns 100% industrial Aircos solutions.

Premium Beauty News - What will have been the other industrial investments made during the last twelve months and what are those scheduled in the coming months?

Eric Merville - In our injection factory, an automated injection and assembly line for compacts was developed in 2012. For our make-up factory in Romorantin a strong increase in our manufacturing, compaction and filling capacity was observed in 2012. 2013 will be dedicated to IPM with the development (always in-house) of an automated high capacity machine.