With its new range of cleansing and exfoliating powders, Aircos is making moves and expanding its offerings to include skin care. This new strategic focus is supported by investments in R&D, marketing, and industrial equipment. It also includes an international expansion, with the opening of a sales office in California this summer.

"This is a logical next step for Aircos. Our expertise in powders lends itself easily to skin care applications, which line up perfectly with our commitment to greater sustainability in cosmetic products. The United States is an important market for our indie and legacy brand clients. Exports currently represent 40% of Aircos’s revenue. Proximity is essential in providing our clients the best service locally," explains Aircos CEO Frédéric Lancesseur.

The company is also considering establishing a lab and manufacturing its powders in the United States, in the interest of optimal proximity to its North American and Asian clients.

This strategic development highlights the increasing demand for hybrid products. The Aircos line of skin care powders meets this need, offering a dermocosmetic approach, with cleansing and exfoliating formulas designed for various skin concerns: dry, oily, and sensitive. With over 92% natural ingredients, these water-free, talc-free skin care powders are at the top of the list when it comes to products with a low environmental impact. It’s an innovative range of skin care products, with turnkey or haute couture options based on the client’s needs.