The Grasse-headquartered family business is the focus of attention of the main players of the perfumery industry. After an unsolicited investment from Firmenich, Givaudan has also taken a minority stake in the capital of the world’s leading supplier of natural fragrance ingredients.

Robertet, the world's leading supplier of natural ingredients for fragrances...

Robertet, the world’s leading supplier of natural ingredients for fragrances and flavors is in the focus of two of its competitors (Photo: courtesy of Robertet)

The Swiss group has informed Robertet that as a result of market purchases, it now holds 108,109 the company’s shares representing 4.68% of the total capital and that its shares are registered.

Robertet did not solicit the acquisition of this holding and it was not the subject of any negotiations,” commented the French company in a statement. “As has always been affirmed, the Group’s independence remains the priority as it creates value and future growth,” they added.

Capital allocation (according to information collected by Robertet):

Famille Maubert 47.02% 67.50%
Firmenich 21.61% 11.27%
Givaudan 4.68% 3.19%
Others 26.69% 18.03%