Wilhelm B. Könning, ADA

Wilhelm B. Könning, ADA

ADA Cosmetics International, a company specializing in hostel cosmetics, last March became the first company in the sector to obtain the Green Globe certification.

ADA has made the shift to sustainable development in 2005. Since then they have developed a number of innovative concepts promoting awareness among suppliers, clients, and staff. As an example, ADA was the first German provider of eco-certified natural cosmetics in the industry. Today, the cosmetics experts offer an entire range of ecological body care lines.

The Green Globe organization has been certifying companies in the travel and tourism industry with regard to their economic, social and ecological sustainability since 1973. Potential awardees have to comply with their standards: a total of 194 compliance indicators applied to 24 internationally recognized sustainability criteria. Some of the key topics are the responsible handling of resources, the reduction of dangerous emissions and the fair treatment of employees.

We want to lead by example,” says ADA Group’s CEO, Wilhelm B. Könning. He adds that increasingly, hotels are factoring green aspects into their selection of suppliers. He states that Green Globe helps to demonstrate to the outside world that a supplier is trustworthy. Their audits, conducted on site every two years, have, in addition, sharpened the awareness for sustainability concerns. “Sustainability is a learning process. For us, Green Globe is not only a distinction but also a motivation to continue working on further developments,ADA’s CEO explains.

The next step is the certification according to ISO EN DIN 14001, planned for 2014. The international norm is the world’s most significant specification for environmental management systems.