In the wake of organic cosmetics, fair trade products are now entering into hotel rooms. ADA Cosmetics, the German company specializing in hotel amenities, now offers a range of cosmetic product based on fair trade ingredients.

Fair trade products are becoming more and more popular, but do not yet have much of a presence in the hotel bathrooms of the world,” says the company in a release.

The shower gel and shampoo of the FAIR TRADE series contain raw cane sugar from Mauritius, body lotion and conditioner include Brazil nut oil from Bolivia, the soap boasts avocado oil from Kenya. ADA says the production of these raw materials is guaranteed to comply with international standards. Furthermore, the farming families receive an assured minimum wage, irrespective of the world market price. The added value is then used to improve the local infrastructure, education and health.

Based on plants, the range has a fresh and fruity fragrance, with floral notes, imbued with the warm aroma of precious wood. In developing the products, ADA refrained from using coloring agents, parabens, silicone oils and formaldehyde releasers. “Alcohols such as diethanolamine (DEA) and triethanolamine (TEA) with the potential for skin irritation are not used either. The pH-friendly formulation is very well tolerated due to its natural composition and – it goes without saying – not subjected to animal testing,” adds the manufacturer.

The shower gel, body lotion, shampoo and conditioner are packaged in matt black 30-ml tubes. The modern design is complemented with contemporary lettering in fresh, powerful colors. The convenient screw cap ensures a clean and hygienic use. The 15g soap bars are wrapped in silky black paper. In addition, the liquid soap and hair and body shampoo are available in ADA’s ‘smart-care system’ dispensers. The containers are 100% recyclable.

According to ADA, the new range obviously targets hotels eager to operate with economically and socially sustainable methods, while keeping quality as a top priority.

The Fair Trade series will be available in November 2012. And as of next year, ADA Cosmetics should have successfully completed its certification process.