Further to the success of their Next range on the personal care market, Acti Pack is proposing a new line of PET bottles, dubbed Revok. On cylindrical basis, the new models are characterised by the alignement of the cap with the bottle’s body. The main advantages of the new line, according to Acti Pack, include a good grip of the bottle and an easy labelling of the product.

Available from 100 ml to 250 ml, the new range will perfectly was designed to meet the requirements of the health and beauty market such as lotions, body milk, sun care products, shower gels, shampoos, ...

The development was made in closed collaboration with Acti Pack’s sister company Loire Plastic Industrie from their bi-colour dispensing cap Vitae.

The standard screw neck 24/410 GCMI of the range is also offering different closing solutions with simple screw caps or pumps and sprays.

The new range is also easily customizable by transparent or opaque colouring and decorated by printing or labeling.

Specializing in the manufacturing of PET bottles and jars for more than 25 years, Acti Pack achieves nearly 65% of their turnover on the European health and beauty market. Acti Pack offers ranges of PET bottles and jars totalling more than 150 standard items adapted to various uses from the personal care industry.

All Acti Pack’s PET packaging is 100% recyclable. For more sustainable packaging, it is possible to use PCR PET (post-consumer recycled PET) during the production of all standard or customized products. The rate of PCR integrated in the packaging can vary from 25% to 100% depending on customers’ requirements.

Acti Pack will showcase their new products at Packaging Innovations in Warsaw, Poland, 24th and 25th September, and Luxe Pack Monaco from 30th September to 2nd December 2020.