Premium Beauty News - What is the company’s positioning, now that you have merged and changed names?

Cyril Dauvers - I always knew that ACT Import was a gem, and that it had a real potential for development, in particular thanks to its strong presence in the beauty industry, which I did not reach with MPP My Planet Packaging. By merging the two companies, we developed a comprehensive service approach – retail accessories, luxury packaging, luggage, and fashion accessories – with a more glamorous name: ACT Beauty France.

The packaging expertise of MPP My Planet Packaging helped ACT Beauty France win markets in cosmetic accessories, thanks to 100% recycled materials. Since packaging is complementary to and present throughout the value chain of the products sold by ACT Beauty France, it was only logical and rational to merge the two companies.

Premium Beauty News - Your design division went from two employees to seven in less than two years. What are your expectations?

Cyril Dauvers - Indeed! In one year and a half, we recruited fifteen people, including five in the design division. We also opened an office in NYC, with one employee on site to strengthen our local presence. We had a lot of success at the Luxe Pack New York, MakeUp in Los Angeles, and Cosmoprof Las Vegas shows.

As for the design division, since we completed our team, which is composed of designers, stylists, and artistic directors, we have been able to meet highly complex demands in packaging, accessories, or luggage. Now, we can offer our clients turnkey solutions, from creation to delivery.

Premium Beauty News - You recently created an eco-responsible range of makeup accessories called Éco Essentielle. The brush handles are made of recycled computer keyboards. What message do you aim to send with this creation?

Cyril Dauvers - Actually, it goes much beyond sending a message. It shows our clients that we are committed. Indeed, we always try and integrate eco-responsible initiatives to our propositions. We choose cleaner, more responsible recycled materials, whenever possible.

For these 100% recycled brushes with vegan hairs, we partnered with professional makeup artists who did a great job in terms of gesture analysis. We have just unveiled a gorgeous collection: I hope it gets the success it deserves!