The packaging waste issue is becoming crucial in the beauty industry in 2021. In such a context, both heritage and emerging brands are testing new ways to reduce the environmental footprint of their products.

100+ cycles of use

In this context, Ace of Air enters the beauty and wellness market with an entirely circular business model. Indeed, after using up their Ace of Air moisturizer, serum or supplements, consumers can ship the packaging back to the company to be cleaned, refilled, and re-used.

Made of stainless steel, food-grade ceramic, using fair-trade rubber for the seals and other packaging elements that are normally made of plastic or silicone, the packaging of each product has been designed to last for 100 cycles of use at least.

Ace of Air defines itself as a “Buy the Product & Borrow the Package” brand, taking responsibility for the full life of its packaging.

"We created this business, not because we thought the world needs another beauty and wellness brand. It doesn’t. We did this because our planet needs a beauty and wellness brand that fundamentally changes what and how we consume," explained Stephanie Stahl, CEO & Co-Founder of Ace of Air. A former CMO at Revlon, she cofounded the brand with supermodel Petra Nemcova and founder of merchant banking firm, Three Ocean Partners, David Knowlton

Clean beauty

Ace of Air debut collection features eight skincare - including moisturizers and serums - and supplement products.

All the products are Leaping Bunny Certified. The natural ingredients (including fair-trade Moringa farmed in Haiti, and wild-harvested Kahai Oil from Columbia) are sustainably-sourced and the formulas are free of ingredients usually banned by the clean beauty movement, such as parabens, silicones, sulfates, formaldehyde, mineral oil, petroleum, phthalates. Some allergens such as gluten, wheat have also been banned, as well as artificial binders, and fillers.

"Our products are expertly formulated at the intersection of herbalist wisdom and modern science, focusing on products that work from the inside out, and are deeply holistic on every level," said Petra Nemcova, Chief Inspiration Officer & Co-Founder of Ace of Air. "We work with a brilliant group of experts including dermatologists, herbalists, naturopaths, nutritionists, natural pharmacists, and environmentalists to formulate products that uplift our bodies, as well as people and planet, through the entire value chain."

Ace of Air is now taking pre-orders and will begin shipping the products, priced between USD35-USD85, in four to six weeks, in the U.S. only.