With its historical expertise in perfumery, its internal perfumer-creator, and its laboratory located in the heart of the golden triangle in Paris, the brand was predisposed to meet this expectation. The creation process requires both the work of a real dedicated craftsman and the commitment, in terms of time and thinking, of the customer.

Bruno Cottard, Vice-President of Jean-Patou

Bruno Cottard, Vice-President of Jean-Patou

Thomas Fontaine, the Maison’s perfumer, organizes five to ten meetings with the customer to become immersed in his/her story, discover his/her olfactory world, and convey this personality with a signature. “All this requires to understand who or what the person is, unconsciously, and what he or she intends to show”, the perfumer comments. Several suggestions are made over a period of six months, depending on the raw materials selected, and always with the guarantee of exceptional quality ingredients. The rose/jasmine note of the Grasse region, so dear to Patou perfumes, remains the main theme that will give the original creation its Patounade. Then everything narrows down to the final outcome.

The Maison takes care of the administrative and regulatory procedures and produces five litres of perfume, which are kept in a safe at the headquarters.

After nine to twelve months, the proud owner pays 50,000 euros to receive a Jean Patou-designed, 100ml bottle made of Baccarat crystal, bearing his own engraved initials, arms, or monograms. The whole is featured in a wooden, leather, or fabrics box made by Elie Bleu, Pinel et Pinel, or Norline’s workshops.

After nine to twelve months, the owner receives a Jean Patou-designed,...

After nine to twelve months, the owner receives a Jean Patou-designed, 100ml bottle made of Baccarat crystal.

We have estimated at about 4,000 the number of people that may be concerned by this offer, so it is not really a market, but it is still important for the prestige of a House of perfume like ours to make a unique high perfumery service available to people who can afford it,” explains Bruno Cottard.

The brand has already approached several people in Europe and the United States, and it intends to rely on word-of-“nose” to reach customers endowed with an exclusive trail.