Louisette Bourdin, ABC Texture

Louisette Bourdin, ABC Texture

Premium Beauty News - Creating successfully one’s business from scratch, a performance which seems particularly difficult nowadays?

Louisette Bourdin - It is not that easy it is true! But we are a living example. Not only It is possible but it is also desirable for the sustainability of quality in the cosmetics industry.

Premium Beauty News - From beginning to end, you initiated a voluntarily original process. If only for the design of the plant itself…

Louisette Bourdin - You’re right! Everything was devised at Saint-Brieuc with a practical focus on sustainable development. This impacted the materials which were used to build the plant, the heating system and hot water supply, the lighting of premises favouring natural light etc.

In addition, our assets - industrially speaking - are a fleet of machines well adapted to both small and large batches. Hence, for foaming and fluid emulsions we have a batch ranging from 100 kg to 2.2 tonnes. And for foundations, mascaras, creams emulsions and cast products of batch ranging from 50 kg to 600 kg. We also have a 10 kg to 50 kg vacuum pilot for lipsticks. Of course we control all stages of manufacturing in compliance with GMP rules. Our factory benefits of the "High Environmental Quality" standards and we have a full traceability of our products via an ERP.

Premium Beauty News - But it is not limited to machines, it is mostly a question of know-how!

Louisette Bourdin - It is vital! The hedonic dimension of each cosmetic preparation involves the creation of new sensations and galenic forms, and a good knowledge of traditional textures. Through the development of an experiential marketing, my wish was that we really shifted to a higher dimension in terms of cosmetic services. Starting from a texture briefing, we define all aspects of the product, from its skin touch to its residual film, also taking into consideration hold, application and absorption time. Our priority is to be responsive to our customer’s expectations in order to better meet their specific needs. We develop exclusive creations of tailor-made shades and textures. With this sensory marketing approach, we intend to offer our customers new, tailored and customized solutions.

Our customers also benefit from our international experience. Our overseas activity enriches our adaptability regarding each country’s quality standards. Products formulated by our engineers, are subjected to thorough controls and undergo extensive tests to ensure the utmost quality:

- microbiological tests,
- safety tests,
- stability tests,
- efficiency tests.

While creating the products, our engineers will take care of gathering the beneficial and active properties of the raw materials and make sure to preserve the efficiency of each active ingredient. We develop tailor-made offers to meet expectations in connection with the specificity of each sector and each customer.

ABC Texture

ABC Texture

Our passion is to create new formulas and new products, and to draw our resources from healthy products with vibrant, pearlescent and subtle colours. Our aim is to provide our customers with the natural benefits of efficient products. The smoothness of a cream, the fluidity of a foundation, the softness of a powder texture... At ABC, we recreate emotions through the match of enthralling textures, delicate fragrances and sensual colours, arousing new sensations. Natural and reassuring, they reflect the complicity of traditional know-how with intensely magical moments.

Our mastery in the formulation of various specific skincare products (face, body, sun care...) generates reliable products and is a guarantee for our customers to benefit from the latest innovations and from all our know-how dedicated to their well-being.

Premium Beauty News - What is today in your activity the share between skincare products, sunscreens and make up? How much does export account for?

Pierre-Henry Mercier - Sun care products alone represent 50% of our activity, followed by make-up (30%) and then skincare (20%). The export share is still potential (20%), but it has sometimes reached 60%.

Premium Beauty News - Innovation is truly a second nature! A few examples?

Pierre-Henry Mercier - Absolutely! And, as Louisette Bourdin explained before, we want to use all the assets we have to be successful. In 2005, we developed a no rinse cleansing gel, quite a technical feat at the time. In 2006, it was the turn for octocrylene-free sunscreens. We also presented in 2011 a BB Cream with encapsulated pigments and, more recently, a lipstick capable of reactivating the gloss using a simple mechanical effect.