Livcer, the specialist of thermoformed doses and the Laboratoire BF International have pooled their skills and expertise to develop a new concept: the Zen Cucumber Patch. This is a fun jelly-texture with an anti-fatigue action, designed to awaken the expression of the face while bathing or during a relaxing session in a beauty salon.

These ultra-fresh patches contain 6% silicon with anti-puffiness proprieties. The aim being to erase signs of fatigue. To insure the hydration of eyelids, eyelashes and eye contours, the patch also contains vegetable glycerin. "This totally non oily and non sticky product, does not carry any oily substances which could swell the eye bags", the manufacturers said.

The product must be stored in the refrigerator for a strong immediate cooling effect. It is then placed on the eyelids for ten minutes. Each patch can be used for 3 days after opening.

Livcer presents the product in two standard forms: a round form reminiscent of cucumber slices, and another much more convenient form for the zone below the eyes for a specific action on dark circles. The patch is conditioned in single dose units, thus ensuring perfect hygiene and a very simple release. Its preservation is optimized through a sealing groove that prevents evaporation of the product and active agents.

Very much eco-minded and certified by the environmental standard ISO 14001 since several years, Livcer recommends using materials such as PETG and PET aluminium PE, approved by third party certification bodies such as Ecocert or Cosmebio.