Hot on the heels of the twin chamber trend is Yonwoo’s Twin Mix Airless, distributed in Europe by Quadpack, which enables consumers to mix their skin treatment whenever they want, in the correct dosage, all the while safeguarding formula integrity through a patented airless technology.

Twin Mix Airless stores the ingredient in liquid or powder form, together with an activating agent, in two separate chambers. This system fits perfectly with ingredients such as Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) that cannot be mixed into a serum or cream too long in advance before losing efficacy.

To activate the treatment, consumers simply remove the ring seal, press down the top of the pump and shake to mix the two elements. “Pressing the actuator then releases an exact 0.15cc dosage of the formula – particularly important with ingredients where incorrect doses can produce contrary results,” explains Quadpack in a release.

The airless pump protects the formula from oxidation and external contamination, allowing less use of artificial preservatives.

Twin Mix Airless is currently available in a 7ml capacity, with 1.5ml in the top chamber and 5.5ml in the bottle. Decoration options include silk screening, hot stamping, heat transfer and colour matching.