Your Product, Your Story

Buying a luxury product: a watch, a jewel, a bag, a suitcase... is always a once in a lifetime moment but the magic of the purchasing act is ephemeral, it does not last forever. With time, the link erodes, the story of the product loses its power until the product becomes silent. So how can we ensure that, over time, this new captive customer will not turn away from the product, not to say from the brand?

This is why Wands has created Your Product, Your Story, so that the luxury product, long after its purchase, continues to tell its story and to immerse the owner in its universe. The time has come to establish a permanent, non-intrusive, fun and engaging dialogue to nurture a lasting relationship that creates a real connection.

Your Product, Your Story, how does it work?

After purchasing his luxury product, the customer receives regular communications (via email, messaging app linked to the brand’s CRM or QR Code) reminding him he has access to exclusive content in an augmented reality brand environment.

The information about the product and its environment in the broadest sense is perfectly controlled by the brand and is forwarded directly to the customer to maintain the experience over time. In other words, the post-purchase phase is the beginning of the relationship and above all triggers the durability of the connection.

In terms of content, it can relate to the history of the brand or the product, events, a collaboration, a limited edition, the best way to wear it, its manufacturing secrets, know-how, a virtual visit to the workshops, the muses who wear it...

This is a new form of mature storytelling, which is built chapter by chapter.

It takes the product into a new dimension, going beyond the mere object and the transactional aspect, by creating an innovative narrative to inspire and build a long-term relationship.

Your Product, Your Story means thinking of the product as the hero of a series to which you become addicted episode after episode, in which the storytelling is openly shared with those who are part of the purchasing community. The product is (finally) narrated in the long run, carrying storytelling that can be endlessly adapted. This makes the brand more present, more alive. The value proposition is exceptionally rich.

Why is this interesting for customers of luxury brands?

Customers increasingly want exclusivity and experiences. When they buy a luxury product, they expect to be paid attention to by the brand. This regular follow-up and this way of feeling truly part of the story is essential for building lasting loyalty. The customer feels immersed in the brand, immersed in its universe.

They enter the inner circle of those who know, the happy few, those who have access to sometimes confidential information.

'Your Product, Your Story' byWANDS

’Your Product, Your Story’ byWANDS

Why is this interesting for luxury brands?

The younger generation will continue to disrupt established luxury players prompting them to change their approaches. What we call luxury today will no longer be based on the same traditionally understood standards. Luxury brands can no longer simply put forward their know-how and expertise, they need to translate them into experiences and emotions and above all by inventing new media, new formats that fit in with the use of their devices: smartphone and camera.

This is an opportunity for brands to make their products talk, to make them real connected heroes for their audiences. Living, embodied and animated objects. A vector of ubiquity to powerfully convey the voice of brands to a customer base expecting novelties and new experiences.

Why is the WANDS agency legitimate to offer this type of experience?

The credo of Wands is to cultivate the excellence of images and content to nurture new creative, visual, narrative and virtual dialogues between luxury brands and their audiences.

The excellence of images and contents is its historical value.

Innovation is its uniqueness. Luxury brands are its universe.

The ideal combination to ensure the success of this type of innovative device, which is as experiential and immersive for the end customer as it is rewarding and differentiating for the brand.

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