For their new LIFT HD+ Smoothing Lifting Concealer, Collistar has chosen Quadpack’s monomaterial Gala dip-in pack with The Essential applicator, for super soft and easy application.

The Gala dip-in pack features a thick-wall bottle entirely made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), meeting the brand’s criteria for the exclusive use of recyclable materials.

Among our main sustainable development objectives are those linked to packaging and eco-design. Specifically, we are committed to releasing only refillable or recyclable packaging by 2025. This means reducing the complexity and quantity of materials by favouring monomaterial choices to ensure that our packaging, once correctly disposed of by the consumer, can be recovered and recycled through standard recycling technologies. By choosing the monomaterial Gala bottle, Lift HD+ Corrector has been revisited in a modern and eco-conceived way that is aligned with our objectives,” explained Matilde Rossi Scota, Head of Sustainable Development at Collistar.

Developed by Quadpack, the 4.5ml Gala bottle exudes prestige with its substantial size impression and clean silhouette. Having tried out the choice of matching applicators, Collistar selected The Essential as the right tool to deliver the formula. Its round-tipped spatula has dual reservoirs on opposite sides to load the right amount of product. The flexible wand and soft tip make application gentle, easy and pleasurable.

Quadpack ensured the decoration met the brand’s exacting requirements. A black matt varnish is applied to the cap, with the logo discretely hot stamped on the top. The bottle is left transparent, keeping the formula within view, with the lettering silk screened in black along the side.

Collistar, a long-time client of Quadpack, was delighted with the result. For the next iteration, the brand is considering the use of post-consumer recycled (PCR) PET. Quadpack’s life-cycle assessments show that a switch to a full PCR version would improve the pack’s circularity index by 60%, with a 25% reduction in the brand’s Scope 3 carbon footprint,” added the supplier in a statement.