Eden 30 ml Slim is the latest introduction in Aptar beauty + home’s range of recyclable airless packaging. This new product is more slender and totally feminine, particularly developed for the women’s skin care market.

Like the entire Eden line, Eden 30 Slim offers several benefits:

- it is 100 % recyclable (the material is entirely recyclable - PE/PP)
- it conforms to natural and organic cosmetic standards
- it offers excellent protection of the formula and strong air-tightness due to its airless design (piston system).
- it offers optimum restitution, even for high viscosity formulas.

A decorating technology has been specially developed for the Eden recyclable airless family: high speed silk-screening. This process allows 360° silk-screening, hot foil stamping and pearlized and metalized finishes that can combine up to 6 colours at one time.

This large range of colour options offers the advantage of combining sophisticated decoration with high speed for a more accessible package.

This new product completes the current Eden line, which already includes the Eden slim 50 ml and the Eden compact available in 50 and 100 ml with two versions of the actuator (standard actuator and jar actuator).

With Eden, Aptar beauty + home answers two different needs; it provides eco-friendly packaging while at the same time providing consumer ease and the convenience of airless packaging,” said the company in a release.