This new version of the Premium Beauty News site is the third major update since its launch in 2008. The challenge was to incorporate a host of new features while maintaining the news readability and an utmost browsing and reading comfort, while offering readers easier access to the huge amount of information available today on the site (nearly 17,000 articles in free access).

A 360° vision of the cosmetics industry

General navigation has evolved to offer a dual entry menu: the thematic navigation (markets, trends, R&D, packaging, ingredients, regulations, innovations, etc.) is maintained and is now coupled with the possibility to select the geographic area (Europe, Middle East, North America, Asia...), thus offering a unique 360° picture of the global beauty industry.

We are multilingual by nature, with a version in English and another in French from the start, and since 2014 a Brazilian edition in Portuguese (the transition of Brazil Beauty News to the new version is underway). The English version is now visited by more than 60% of our reader base, thus offering our advertisers worldwide reach (North America, United Kingdom, Asia and the Middle East representing the main groups of English readers). As for the French version, it guarantees first-hand information on French brands and suppliers, whose weight in the global cosmetics industry cannot be denied.

We want to continue our global expansion with a dedicated content by market and continent. And soon, with a new edition, which will further enhance the visibility of our partners and the quality of the information brought to our readers.

Advertisers with increased visibility

Navigation on the new site has been further improved and made even more easier, with an augmented visual path, suited to a higher graphic resolution. This enhanced presentation now allows us to offer our advertisers, more space and visibility on banners but also on new formats, while preserving the ease of browsing and readability for visitors. The site now features a section dedicated to multimedia content (video, podcast), which is easier to access and more visible, but also a section dedicated to the innovations of our suppliers for highlighted editorial contents.

This model allows companies in the industry to consolidate their notoriety and to actively communicate on their novelties. It also allows us to offer our readers a 100% free quality content. We would like to thank these advertisers for their unwavering support from the start.


The website’s search engine has been improved to allow you to narrow down your selection criteria. Search results for archived articles always appear according to relevance criteria (according to the rank of the word(s) searched for in the article). The query can now be filtered by language or sorted chronologically. One of the main assets of Premium Beauty News lies in its freely available archives.

With nearly 12 years of presence and a considerable amount of news material indexed by the main search engines, Premium Beauty News is today one of the main multi language reference in the industry.

This change in design is a first step in the stepping up of our services, new features will be introduced in the course of 2020 and beyond. We wish to also take this opportunity to thank our readers and our advertisers for their loyalty and unwavering support since the very start; our sole commitment is to continue supporting them by staying by their side, especially with the complex times looming ahead!

We are here to help with:

- Promoting and/or hosting your webinar to educate or introduce your innovations;
- Publishing your news and announcements;
- Increasing your notoriety in the beauty industry.

So please do not hesitate to contact us!