Nathalie Grosdidier, Luxe Pack

Nathalie Grosdidier, Luxe Pack

Premium Beauty News - How do you think this edition of Luxe Pack Monaco will go?

Nathalie Grosdidier - This year, Luxe Pack Monaco will host 450 exhibitors, compared to 400 in 2014 - and 70 of them are new here. Just like every year, the show will offer the opportunity to launch a multitude of new products - 300 on average - and decipher the major trends on the market. In our programme, we have decided to highlight those that are the most likely to revolutionize luxury packaging, like smart, connected packaging, or 3D printing, but also underlying trends, which are still very powerful, such as differentiation thanks to new sensorial, tactile, or visual effects, as well as ethical and sustainable development.

Talking about this aspect, as the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP21) is to take place in a few weeks, we will put forward energy efficiency, in particular in relation to the Luxe Pack in green prize, which will be awarded in the presence of Monaco’s Minister of State. As the premier luxury packaging platform in the world and showcase for tomorrow’s trends, Luxe Pack makes it possible to feature the best practices and coordinate efforts on all luxury markets.

Lastly, this year, we will have the pleasure of welcoming French stylist Chantal Thomass as a guest of honour. She will share her creative experience by dealing with “The Art of Reinvention”.

Premium Beauty News - We have heard a lot about changes in the scheduling of the shows usually held in autumn.

Nathalie Grosdidier - As far as we are concerned, it has been a while since we started trying to organize our show earlier, so that it no longer takes place during French school holidays. The schedule of shows was modified in Cannes, which led to major changes for Monaco events. We seized this opportunity, so 2016 will be a transition year: Luxe Pack Monaco will be held in September, and then, starting from 2017, it will be on the first week of October, which was found to be the best in terms of availability for brands’ decision-makers.

Premium Beauty News - Last year, you launched a new section dedicated to cosmetic formula manufacturers, Luxe formulation. How is it organized?

Nathalie Grosdidier - This new section is still developing, and it will feature about forty exhibitors this year. There are strong expectations for innovative formulas, as this demand is driven both by regulations and the market. Beyond trying to develop new products, the issue of container-content interaction compels formulators and packaging suppliers to constantly exchange. Therefore, it is really logical to welcome full-service suppliers to an event like Luxe Pack. This year, again, Luxe formulation will also have its own conference programme, with presentations on perfumery, in particular niche perfumery, natural and organic cosmetics, textures and sensoriality.

Premium Beauty News - How can Luxe Pack and Luxe formulation develop in such a limited area as the Forum Grimaldi?

Nathalie Grosdidier - The issue of space is crucial, indeed. However, starting from this year, we will enjoy additional areas, in particular with the opening of Hall Indigo, a former bar-restaurant whose concession was acquired by the Forum Grimaldi, and which offers terraces with a view on the sea. Besides, we have also gained an unused part of Hall Diaghilev. And we are constantly seeking to optimize spaces.

Premium Beauty News - If we think beyond Monaco, what about the international development of Luxe Pack?

Nathalie Grosdidier - Luxe Pack New York gathers about 200 exhibitors every year in May, and Luxe Pack Shanghai, about 150 in April.

The New York event is now well-established and recognized throughout North America, with visitors coming from the whole region. Our objective is now to gain some appeal in the northern part of Latin America, for example Mexico. Luxe Pack New York also comprises a Luxe Promo pavilion dedicated to gifts in the beauty and beverage sectors. It features high-end promotional tools with a real synergy in terms of visitors. Since February 2015, we have had our own offices in New York, with two people working on strengthening our presence even further.

As for Luxe Pack Shanghai, the show grows every year, as it differentiates itself from other Asian events thanks to a very strong focus on design and marketing. As these are increasingly important concerns in China, the show is literally booming, both in terms of exhibitors and visitors.