Dominique Vautier, Alkos Développement

Dominique Vautier, Alkos Développement

Dominique Vautier has been appointed CEO of Alkos Développement, a French company specialising in the full service for makeup, skincare and toiletry products.

Dominique Vautier, 55 years old, has shared his career between the pharmaceutical and the cosmetic industry, especially within groups such as L’Oreal, Yves-Saint Laurent and Chanel.

By taking the head of Alkos Développement, Dominique Vautier wants to “bring together the talents and energies of women and men of the three entities Alkos Cosmetics, last French manufacturer of cosmetic pencils, Intercosmétiques and Sagal, specialists in the formulation and conditioning of makeup, skin care and body hygiene products.

Alkos Développement is one of the few players to offer such a wide supply of makeup and care,” he says. “My goal is to continue the development of the group and to strengthen and develop the position of this important actor in the fields of makeup, skin care and hygiene. And this, in terms of design, formulation, production and packaging.

Alkos Développement has a total of 350 staff and earned 35 million euros in sales in 2009.