In 2012 the Metsäliitto Group becomes the Metsä group and adopts a new corporate identity. The names of the divisions of the Metsä Group will also change. The new names and the new identity represent the final stage of the thorough restructuring hinged on a strategy whose goal was to create a competitive and unified forest industry group.

On 28 March 2012, the Annual General Meeting approved the renaming of M-real Corporation to Metsä Board Corporation.

The name of the Metsä group’s parent company, Metsäliitto Cooperative does not change and continues to be a cooperative.

The new logo, a moose head carrying a forest between its antlers and the word Metsä - the Finnish word for forest - convey the image of a responsible group, of an industrial company that renews the forests, respects its own roots and is stronger than before. Its products and services contribute to the daily well-being of people.

The new name and new identity of Metsä Board reflect the Group’s strategy deeply focused on high quality ecological boards: "an innovative and responsible group and stronger now than before".