Italian specialist of packaging for skin care and makeup products Lumson recently unveiled TAG Luxea, the new design of the TAG, the first airless system in a glass bottle.

We were inspired by a stylish and feminine design and we enriched it with TAG technology to offer our clients a new shapes of beauty,” explained Lumson’s CEO, Matteo Moretti.

TAG Luxea features a thick-based glass bottle with a semi-spherical shape, which is spaced out of two flat surfaces. Lumson highlights that the design can be entirely decorated on each side.

Among available technologies, Lumson recommends to customize the glass bottle by making the decoration with ceramic screen-printing,which gives the graphic designs an unequalled strength and sparkle, or the “Glass Enhancer” technology, an inner spray lacquering created to enhance the glass bottle, and also customizable with pearl or metalized colours.

TAG Luxea is available in 30 and 50ml sizes.

Considering the success of the original version of the TAG System, Lumson has great expectations with this new product. “We are also sure that TAG Luxea will achieve the same huge success gained in the past couple of years for current TAG System,” ended Matteo Moretti.