They combine the effects of algae and those of natural extracts of Arctic plants. The first Inuit cosmetics come from Nunavik, an autonomous territory which comprises the northern third of the province of Quebec, and whose vast majority of the 11,000 inhabitants are Inuit.

Developped by Nunavik Biosciences, the Ungava products contain an original complex derived from Nunavik algae. The conditions of summer sunshine and the extreme winter temperatures have allowed these algae to acquire a unique composition, as evidenced by Brittany laboratories specialized in the production marine cosmetics ingredients. Thus the analysis has revealed concentrations of vitamin E and Omega 3 fairly above the average.

The are products guaranteed from natural origin and are in the process of being certified by EcoCert. They could also benefit from a fair trade label.

The range currently features six skin care products are specially formulated, with a combination of essential fatty acids and trace elements, to protect the skin against environmental stress, to moisturize and to prevent the formation of new wrinkles. However nearly 65 formulations have already been developed and a men’s line is announced in January 2011.