Every component of the new Alexander McQueen fragrance, « Couture » is the result of the Groupe Pochet alliance of « savoir-faire » : the intense black stopper, the collar’s ultra-thin majestic feather pattern, and the curvy bottle, delicately highlighted by a zamac base.

The zamac has emerged as the ideal material to magnify the infinite wealth of details of the shoulder piece, produced by Qualipac. The feathers blades and antique gold aspect required numerous operations, including a syringe-delivery enamel decoration. The finely engraved cap with tactile effect is injected with no visible parting line, and completes the collar, made of a golden electro-plated base assembled with a « signature » ring varnished by Solev.

The gently curved shiny deep black bottle is manufactured by Pochet du Courval. A sober silkscreening decoration higlights its smooth surface.

Groupe Pochet undertook this high-level technological challenge, which also results in assembling all the components. It has required a unique and specific expertise, particularly in taking into account the dimensional and technical requirements of the various materials, making the Group able to deliver the most beautiful creations of its customers.

A movie made by the brand pays tribute to the teams who made this project a reality: see here.