Nortier Emballages, a French carton maker specialising in the luxury segment, has created for Mauboussin a sophisticated and technically complex carton package. “This is probably the first time ever that a carton has been coated with metallised polyester on both sides,” explains Mr Jean-Marc Bodineau, Key Account Manager of Nortier Emballages.

Mauboussin Pour Lui is the latest item to date in the range of fragrances signed by the jewellery brand Mauboussin. The company entered the perfumes market in 2000, and since 2008, the Mauboussin fragrances have been developed and marketed by the company Lorience.

"The idea was to be more masculine but stay in the same spirit as our products for women. The emblem of Mauboussin perfumes for women is a ring as the cap of the flacon. Take this ring and imagine pressing it against the Pour Lui flacon, and it stamps an arch-shaped recess with the label on the front face of the regular, sharp, cuboid-shaped masculine flacon. The carton previews what is inside, in terms of colour and the impact on the flacon. The contrast between the matt dark brown surface and mirror-like gloss of the label belt gives masculine power to the package. When he opens the carton, the consumer again sees the brand label and also his own face reflected in the smooth, mirror-glossy inside of the package," lays in details Thierry Faucon, Artistic and Development Director of Lorience Paris.

For achieving this product, Nortier Emballages proposed Stora Enso’s Ensocoat 2S as the material for the carton.

Mauboussin Pour Lui has been one of our most demanding projects,” adds Jean-Marc Bodineau. “The carton is covered on both sides with a silver metallised polyester film, which is a fragile material and presents challenges for the manufacturing process, requiring both excellent machinery and highly skilled production personnel. Most often, metallic film is used only for the outer surface. Ensocoat 2S was chosen as the substrate to achieve an equally excellent result on both sides.