Coty Prestige called on Alliora (Ileos Group) to create the latest promotional set-up box for Florabotanica, the eau de parfum by Balenciaga.

The originality of this "dome case" resides in the dressing-up of its lid. To showcase the packaging design, Alliora has opted for layers of overlapping paper. The cardboard lid (thickness 1.6mm) is totally covered with full-colour printed grain paper, itself covered with printed hollowed paper, with a satin varnish finish.

An audacious technique, considering the numerous and large hollowings, but the trompe-l’œil result is remarkable: the look sinks through the trellis, into the exotic, opulent plant life,” highlights Alliora in a release.

Inside, the Eau de Parfum 100ml, the body lotion 100ml and the Eau de Parfum 7.5ml are housed in a soft-touch white polystyrene thermoformed packaging, covered with a printed wedge-concealer.

The case is 100% made in France, in the Alliora factories, which supply a complete solution: design, printing, manufacture of thermoformed packaging and assembly, up to the dispatch of the packaged case.