Dubbed Escapism, Gattefossé’s new inspirational collection aims to be an invitation to dream of new destinations while rethinking the art of travelling. Therefore, the company’s applications laboratory has developed practical solid and anhydrous formulations to transform the beauty routines of travellers.

Environmental-friendly and travel-friendly cosmetics

Solid cosmetics are not only trends, since they are part of a global movement to protect the planet by reducing the overall impact on the environment, including beauty.

However, beyond the many benefits they have to offer to the environment, the characteristics of solid cosmetics make them the best solution for travelling. Indeed, they are easily transportable, smaller and lighter than conventional versions. They are also multifunctional, with a size that can be adapted to the trip duration and most of them do not leave any waste behind.

Escapism, a kit with five new formulas

Flora Bollon, Gattefossé

This year, Gattefossé developed 5 new formulations: Magma Mask, a mask in the form of solid black pellet to grind to powder; Everything Balm, a multifunctional anhydrous balm texture; Softer Skin Stick, a scrub made from vegetal waxes and apricot kernels and shaped in a stick format for convenient use; Scalp & Body Scrub, an exfoliating wax that rinses easily; and finally Slide n’ Foam, a solid face cleanser.

"As its name suggests, Inspiration is a collection of formulas created, to inspire formulators by highlighting Gattefossé ingredients used out of their comfort zone. Each year, we focus on one or more themes illustrated with new formulations. The idea is above all for our lab team members to let their imagination and creativity run free, to propose original and surprising formulas while respecting our charter in terms of naturality and sustainability," said Flora Bollon, Product Marketing Leader Texture & Applications at Gattefossé.