Xavier Chauvin, Co-founder and CEO of Beauteprivee

Xavier Chauvin, Co-founder and CEO of Beauteprivee

We have never ceased growing, but it is true things have been speeding up for two years, due to the addition of convergent factors,” explains Xavier Chauvin, who has identified three main levers.

A favourable market environment

Most women consumers want new, innovative, and/or foreign brands. And yet, if these expectations are largely relayed by social networks, they are relatively absent from traditional channels, which makes them turn to online stores.

Brands’ communication channels have tremendously changed, and some of the least visible through the usual media channels actually show very strong records on our website,” the manager comments. Beauteprivee plays a role in identifying these eagerly awaited brands, by offering them to a base of more than three million subscribers open to new launches. “To us, the predefinition of the typology of brands associated with a network is not necessarily relevant, given what our customers expect,” he adds.

The rise of mobile devices

Consumption habits are changing. Shopping on mobile devices is now fully integrated to simplified environments. As a matter of fact, in 2016, the traffic on the mobile version of Beauteprivee outperformed that of the desktop version, and the volume of business rose by 160% on this medium. “We have been working on this aspect since 2011, whether in terms of application or mobile-dedicated environment. It is this experience that is helping us grow so fast and strong today,” Xavier Chauvin explains.

The accuracy of the media system implemented

Lastly, there is a third key element, according to Xavier Chauvin: measuring the performance of the communication campaigns launched. “It helps us be quite incisive and relevant as regards our choices, both online and offline, and adjust shrewd arbitrations on the environments on which we intend to be present,” he explains.

Present in France and Spain with a base of over 3 million subscribers, Beauteprivee now intends to build on their success, by pursuing their initial strategy. “We keep working on our ability to attract new brands for women in search of wonderful beauty stories. There will also be most significant changes in how we do our job, regarding issues like mobile devices, product recommendation, personalization, and customer knowledge. We have endless opportunities now, but also major challenges ahead for players like us,” Xavier Chauvin concludes.