Launches to which Heinz Glas has been associated are the expression of an indisputable industrial mastery. A few examples...

Ricci Ricci

A heavy and rounded bottle allowing a good grip, in a size of 80ml and a weight of 230g. One of its main feature being, its colour gradation achieved with a high gloss water based lacquer.


The glass maker was able to express through this product, much of the technology in which he had invested in recent months both in the fields of lacquering and of "precious metals" pad printing.

The range of bottles is available in three versions, 30ml, 50ml, 90ml and a miniature bottle. Major technical difficulties to overcome were to obtain a zero degree shoulder slope, a clever partial lacquering, but also a gold pad printing of the ring.

Belle d’Opium

Reinterpreting, the main characteristics of Opium, Belle d’Opium features a gradient lacquering towards the inside of the bottle that required new types of tooling.

Victoria’s Secret

A bottle featuring the characteristics of not being able to stay in an upward position by itself and for which engineers at Heinz Glas had to develop special prehension and conveying techniques on the production line, techniques which would also allow fire finishing. Not that simple...

Immortelle Crème Divine by L’Occitane

A 50ml jar and two 15ml and 30ml bottles, which also benefited from the water based lacquering technique and of organic gold silk-screening.

Vanille noire by Yves Rocher

A water based gradient lacquering giving the bottle this very special look by an enhancement of the glass heel combined to organic decoration.