Randolf Lehmann-Tolkmitt and Bernhard Starzer and Thomas Weckerle...

Randolf Lehmann-Tolkmitt and Bernhard Starzer and Thomas Weckerle (center)

The plant was successfully integrated in the Group with its full expertise benefiting to all of its customers around the world. "We use our own technologies to develop innovative product lines and our customers are very satisfied," had explained at the time Thomas Weckerle, CEO, "And then Full-Service, at the start, a "heavy trend", became an essential and sustainable activity", he added.

Ten years already!

The entire team at the Eislingen factory (250 people) can be proud of the gone through road. The growth of the Group’s Full-Service activity has been particularly robust over the last five years, growing by more than 40%. First "product" category across all segments, the production of lipsticks followed by mascaras, foundations and skin care products.

"In the past years, we have repositioned both our products and our development strategies," explained Randolf Lehmann-Tolkmitt. "It was also about rebalancing our customer portfolio by making the right choices." Decisions that have paid off. Especially since, at the same time, the Group increased its R&D capabilities (15 people today), in packaging materials and storage areas that can now store 5,500 pallets. This is also the first plant to have integrated, last July, the new multistick filling machine “MS3” developed by Weckerle Machines. A series of investments that concerned almost all of the Group’s filling activities, including more recently, the filling of jars. The "powder" activity is not left out either. "Our goal is also to increase our foothold in this product range as well as in skincare," detailed Bernhard Starzer. Among the other strengths of the Eislingen unit: its expertise and notoriety in the manufacture and packaging of natural products and toothpastes.

We focus on natural cosmetics because - for us - it is not a trend but a philosophy,” emphasizes Randolf Lehmann-Tolkmitt. Taking advantage from their long-time know-how Weckerle Cosmetics is able to create client specific products that are certified. Talking about certifications: the site meets a very high standard. They hold for example the certificates of IFS and Ecovadis gold status. The commitment for sustainability results even in the fact that Weckerle Cosmetics is certified a climate neutral company.