Anticipating the future of beauty more than 10 years ago, Seppic has designed the SOLAGUM™ range to allow formulators to create natural and sustainable beauty concepts to answer the demand for a better living and a conscious beauty.

Among the range, SOLAGUM™ TARA (INCI: Caesalpinia Spinosa Gum) is a natural and sustainable solution to thicken and boost the sensory experience of more natural formulation

A 100% plant-based rheological modifier

SOLAGUM™ TARA is a high-purity polysaccharide derived from renewable and secured Tara seeds, non chemically modified that is 100% natural and readily biodegradable according respectively to ISO 16128 and OECD 301F. It is obtained with a mechanical process by grinding the seed tissue, that guarantees an unaltered food grade quality ingredient and enables COSMOS and NATRUE certifications. The Seppic’s Tara gum is in essence a non-microplastic polymer that widens the field of possibilities in cosmetics at a time of strong regulations and high-challenging formulation.

Merging sensory experience and performance

SOLAGUM™ TARA is a polymer of choice for medium to thick consistencies in natural formulas, for boosting viscosity effect and very nice sensory.

On one hand, it is a suitable solution to design natural, unctuous creamy consistent textures with elegant and comfortable skin-feel. In addition, it delivers a more satisfying sensory with no sticky nor stringy effect compared to the Xanthan gum, a reference ingredient among gum-based thickeners.

On the other hand, from a performance point of view, it is more than a simple alternative to common natural thickeners as SOLAGUM™ TARA offers a high viscosity in emulsion and aqueous gel compared to other gum-based thickeners.

Figure 1- Viscosity and sensoriality comparison with other gums in emulsion and aqueous gel respectively at 0.5% of gum and 1.0% of gum.

SOLAGUM™ TARA also displays very stable viscosity over pH variations, allowing to formulate in very acidic media, as well as in basic media.

In addition, Seppic’s Tara gum provides a decisive advantage to formulators: a high resistance to electrolytes, making it particularly suitable for chassis formulas. Even when enriched with active ingredients, the formulas maintain a constant viscosity (tested with up to 2% NaCl).

Finally, thanks to its non-ionic profile, SOLAGUM™ TARA is widely compatible with the majority of cosmetic ingredients enabling the design of versatile cosmetic applications.

To design versatile cosmetic applications

SOLAGUM™ TARA is a polymer of choice as texture enhancer for many kinds of cosmetic application.

For example, taking advantage of the well-known agrofood interaction between Xanthan and Tara gums, Seppic offers advanced synergy when combining SOLAGUM™ TARA with SOLAGUM™ AX (INCI: Acacia Senegal Gum and Xanthan Gum) to lower the total dose of polymer whilst enhancing the texture and stability, regardless of the type of formula : aqueous gels, cream-gels or emulsions. This combination is also easier to disperse than a mix of xanthan gum and Seppic’s Tara gum, making the formulation easier.

Moreover, SOLAGUM™ TARA is a great ally for hair care products. With high thickening power, it demonstrates equivalent performance to Hydroxyethylcellulose (HEC) - inherently biodegradable polymer commonly used in hair with a low naturality degree - while offering a better profile in terms of naturalness and sensoriality.

Figure 2 - Formulated as a rinsed hair mask, SOLAGUMTM TARA offers a smoother, more beautiful, less lumpy texture even after 6 months of stability.

In a more minimalist formulation approach, SOLAGUM™ TARA is also an ally of choice for hair formulas because, in addition to thickening, it plays a role in controlling volume and frizz in curly hair care.

Figure 3 -Evaluation of hair smoothing maintenance and volume control of SOLAGUM™ TARA on curly Brazilian hair, type IV, in an aqueous leave-in gel. Photo T6h after treatment.

In this way, at Seppic, offering solutions to design conscious formulation and sensory experience is key. Seppic continually expands its portfolio of ingredients meeting the expectations of tomorrow’s beauty through conscious innovation.