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Lumson is gaining momentum everywhere

If you remember...It was in March 2010, Lumson, the Italian company created in 1975 started - after four years of technical studies - a small revolution with its famous Techno Airless Glass System (Tag-System), a concept featuring a glass container and a inner pouch. At the same time, the Company proposed a new system of decorations, the Glass Enhancer, consisting of a metalized lacquering inside a glass bottle, enabling to achieve a “mirror effect”. At the time, the Company had a turnover of 38 million euros and a workforce of 250 people. Seven years later, the turnover exceeds 80 million euros and the number of employees has simply doubled. A year 2017 marked by the takeover a few weeks ago of the Italian Company, Leoplast (12 million euros in turnover, 50 people) specialized mainly in the manufacture of lipstick tubes. And it’s not over ... Overview with Matteo Moretti, CEO.

Matteo Moretti, CEO, Lumson

Matteo Moretti, CEO, Lumson

Premium Beauty News - The news made the headlines a few weeks ago with the takeover of your Italian counterpart Leoplast!

Matteo Moretti - This operation is part of a strategy that aims to offer our customers the advantages of a quality, reliable, European manufacturing platform capable of responding flexibly to the more and more stringent needs of our customers in terms of time to market.

This acquisition will of course require significant investments in order to develop Leoplast’s production capacity and ensure its growth on the lipstick market. This will enable us to enrich our portfolio of make-up products, with a consistent range of standard and customized lipsticks, available in different materials and finishes with the use of innovative decoration techniques.

Premium Beauty News - Your Group has achieved quite a lot in the past seven years?

Matteo Moretti - We can indeed say that we have become a leading Company in Europe in the design, production and marketing of primary packaging systems dedicated to the cosmetics and make-up market. We already have two production sites in Italy, now complemented by the two Leoplast sites. And it’s not over since we are in the process of doubling our production of pumps in Italy. An investment which consists in increasing the current production area by 6,000 m², which will enable to produce some 150 million pumps per year.

Premium Beauty News - You are also proposing a new decoration technique that you call the “Pop Up Technique”!

Matteo Moretti - The “Pop Up” digital printing technique is a printing method using a four-colour process technique: this allows obtaining an extremely wide range of decoration solutions, from a simple one colour printing up to multi-colour very complex ones, such as photographic images.

Through Pop-Up (UV based and solvent) and the four colour process, we can obtain an unlimited scale of colours (with the only exception of shiny metalized colours like gold or silver) also on very dark surfaces. It is also possible to obtain a final embossed effect on the decoration, through a dedicated optional passage of thick clear finishing – that can be either glossy or matt. The effect is very nice both from the aesthetic point of view and to the touch. The embossed effect can be made on the whole decoration surface or only on some details of it, in order to focus attention on them.

We can also apply the clear finishing directly on the plastics components, without other colours: in this case, the graphics results transparent and embossed, as if obtained by the mould. The standard thickness of the matt/glossy finishing is 0,1mm and can be increased on demand with further passages. This technique allows to perfectly reproducing the decoration on each component, without any variation in colour and thickness that are normally present in tradition decoration techniques (hot stamping, offset printing, silkscreen and pad printing…). The quality level of this technique is therefore very high.

Premium Beauty News - And you also announced the launch of a new lipstick.

Matteo Moretti - That’s right! We are proud to announce the launch of the first Lipstick manufactured in our factory in Italy: “Rouge”.

This new lipstick is the result of the inimitable Italian design and its ultra-elegant shape makes it simply outstanding. The Lipstick Rouge can be customized with the new pop-up decoration technique and to create a complete lip set, it can be combined with the Rouge Lipgloss also manufactured by Lumson.

Premium Beauty News - What other objectives do you have for the coming months?

Matteo Moretti - We are working on doubling our sales force in the United States to be present both in the skincare and make-up packaging areas.

Interview by Jean-Yves Bourgeois


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