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Klocke banks on make-up and skincare

The German Group is today one of the undisputed world leaders in the field of doses and thermoformed samples. This leading player in pharmaceutical and veterinary markets also seeks to take centre stage in the cosmetics sector, particularly make-up. Explanations by Tanja Hefke, Head of Sales and Marketing.

Premium Beauty News - How would you describe the Klocke Group in a few words?

Tanja Hefke - With a turnover of more than 270 million euros, more than 2,200 employees, 9 production sites, the Klocke Group, still owned by the Klocke family, offers clients over 50 years of a rich experience in the field of contract packaging. Today our Group proposes its expertise in the development, manufacture and packaging of vaccines (human and veterinary), pharmaceutical products and also in the packaging of cosmetic and food products.

Premium Beauty News - And what about recent industrial investments?

Tanja Hefke - significant investments currently concern the acquisition of a new modular production line offering more flexibility, improved production rates, higher capacities and evermore higher quality.

Premium Beauty News - Which innovations do you consider as milestones in Klocke’s track record these last few years in the field of thermoformed packaging and more particularly samples?

Tanja Hefke - Over the past years significant changes have occurred in the area of monodose samples. First proposed as sales promotion items, they later evolved as sales merchandise for use as a nomadic product for people on the go or as practical unit dose treatments.

Our latest innovations include the development of child resistant packs validated by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the packaging of pest control products. Today Klocke offers a wide range of “child resistant” products.

In the cosmetic field, thanks to the specific dosing systems developed by our engineers, we also know how to condition products containing beads or pearls.

Premium Beauty News - What about the cosmetics market?

Tanja Hefke - We have a strong positioning in the field of cosmetics and intend in the coming years to extend our positioning more specifically in the make-up and skincare markets.

Premium Beauty News - Make-up and skincare are growth drivers for your Group. What are your assets in this area?

Tanja Hefke - Thanks to our in-house technical department, we have constantly strived to improve thermoforming techniques (customization of the blister pack via thermoforming or embossing), dosing techniques (micro-dosing, filling of hot and/or cold forms in the same blister).

We offer standard tools as well as specific tools developed internally, at the customer’s request. Our long standing experience enables us to also offer a wide range of materials adapted to our clients’ formulas. Depending on products’ textures, we offer, breakable peelable or combined thermoformed blisters (peel-off and break-off opening on the same blister).

Premium Beauty News - Most of your production is done in Germany. Do you plan expanding abroad through external growth?

Tanja Hefke - Through our German sites, we serve both European markets and the rest of the world. We have a redundant machine park that allows us to react flexibly to our customers’ requirements. Moreover, our manufacturing site in the United States allows us to serve the North American continent but also Latin America.

Interview by Jean-Yves Bourgeois


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