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Gotha Cosmetics: A brand new factory!

Just a year ago, the Italian Company Gotha Cosmetics (ca. 65 million euros in sales) was taken over by a new financial partner, the Private Equity investor Capvis, who took a majority stake, while Mr. Shawn Sedaghat, founder and former CEO, stayed as an important shareholder. Last September, Martin Breuer was appointed CEO. Today, the Group has confirmed its relocation in 4 months in a brand new administrative and industrial site with a total surface of 14,000 sqm a few hundred metres from the current site.

Martin Breuer, CEO, Gotha Cosmetics

Martin Breuer, CEO, Gotha Cosmetics

Premium Beauty News - Gotha Cosmetics has made considerable investments and your appointment coincides with the forthcoming relocation on a brand new site.

Martin Breuer - That’s right! In exactly 16 weeks, the entire administrative team and production equipment and staff of Gotha Cosmetics will be relocated in this new site. A relocation that everyone has been waiting for a long time. We couldn’t stay any longer on the current site, which had become too small. This new location will of course enable us to be more efficient in all aspects and, more particularly, at the production level with a capacity increase of 100 %. In addition, we will have a dedicated OTC area, which will allow us to grow in this market segment, dedicated customer areas and a new showroom.

Premium Beauty News - You just took office. A few words about yourself and your personal path.

Martin Breuer - I have been in the beauty sector for the last sevn years. Prior to joining Gotha Cosmetics, I covered the role of CEO of Intercos Asia Pacific, before I was CFO of the Intercos Group.

Premium Beauty News - Could you please recall the story of Gotha Cosmetics.

Martin Breuer - Gotha Cosmetics Srl was founded in 2005 as a private label cosmetics manufacturing company. The Company is located in the province of Bergamo, near Milan, the capital of Italian fashion. Its story began 20 years ago as a high-end skincare company, and then, in 2005, it transitioned into cosmetics with a vision of becoming a global point of reference in colour.

Being a worldwide company, Gotha has three different locations to offer to its clients: its headquarters, located in Italy, are fully operational and this is where it produces all of its finest quality and highly innovative products. Gotha also has two different locations in the United States which provide points of reference for all East and West Coast clients. These locations are used to conduct private and personalized presentations as well as showcase new product collections.

Premium Beauty News - How would you characterize the product positioning of Gotha Cosmetics?

Martin Breuer - Striving to incorporate the benefits of skin care products in cosmetics, Gotha has pioneered a new concept which is known today as “colorceuticals” or “cosmeceauticals.” This has enabled Gotha to create high end technology emulsions giving it the reputation it has today: a standard and trend setter in emulsions from quality to innovation, performance and appeal.

As time passed Gotha began to grow in all categories, mastering the art of creating primers, lipsticks, lip glosses, powders, hot pours and mascaras, while always keeping its skin care technology at the forefront. Colours are our inspiration: now as well as the future, we continue to be inspired by pure creativity imaging to be cutting edge and will weave the possible and impossible through ongoing research.

Realizing that a make-up product is more than a mix of thousand different ingredients, Gotha strives to combine long standing knowledge, sincere passion, tireless dedication and not a little fantasy, to transform your cosmetics dream into real life! As the fingertip is unique to the person, we hope our customers will find their signature style in all Gotha creations.

We serve customers that require bulk-only, semi-turnkey, and full turnkey orders. Whether the product is prestige, specialty, mass or OTC, we take products from initial inspiration to final execution.

Premium Beauty News - Your vision?

Martin Breuer - The next important steps ahead will be to further globalize the Company. Thanks to the teams’ work, we currently have a leading position in the US market, especially among the Indie brands. Today, they represent an important portion of our business. This is normal, as we offered them the quantities and the proximity service they were expecting, not to mention quality of course, which remains a core element of our offer. Moreover, we are quite proud of being the suppliers of very big blockbuster in the United States. Now it is time to increase further our influence also in the rest of the world, with main focus on Europe and Asia.

Interview by Jean-Yves Bourgeois

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