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Digital beauty: Schwan Cosmetics forges ahead!

“Digital” is not only invading everyday life but also more and more the Beauty industry and now even the sphere of suppliers themselves. While manufacturers obviously agree on the need to develop digital business models, Beauty 4.0 is still in its infancy. It is not easy to stick to this evolution and, especially to find the appropriate approach! What are the digital solutions that can be developed for a supplier to meet the increasing needs of brands looking for digital solutions? First step, be open-minded and get the full picture. This is precisely the new approach of Schwan Cosmetics with the creation of its “Schwan Digital Studio” and who has recently organized this summer in Berlin its first “BeautyThon”, an event during which the topic "Beauty and Digital Technology” was debated extensively. Overview with Bernd Preuschoff, VP Digital Transformation.

Bernd Preuschoff, VP Digital Transformation

Bernd Preuschoff, VP Digital Transformation

Premium Beauty News - What happened in Berlin last July?

Bernd Preuschoff - Our first “BeautyThon” took place from 23 to 24 July 2017 at the Mindspace and Rocket Tower in Berlin. The goal was to reflect on new digital business models in the beauty industry and offer participants their first platform. On the theme “Beauty on the Run”, several teams consisting of startup experts, fashion and beauty bloggers, technology-savvy and employees of Schwan Cosmetics developed their ideas in different fields, like for example on the theme of mobility. In order to stimulate their pioneering spirit, participants first took part to highly focused workshops and debates.

Premium Beauty News - Two intense days!

Bernd Preuschoff - On the first day, teams of up to five participants were brought together and introduced to the subject, and they were also given a mission to help them find and develop their ideas. These missions must above all be centred on the user offering him a solution that he will adopt in his daily life. On the second day, with the help of coaches, the teams worked on a business model and an idea, and created their first prototype. They were also trained on the project pitching session. As part of an Open Pitch, the teams then presented their ideas to a jury including Dr. Karas, the CEO of Schwan-STABILO Cosmetics. At the end of the evening, a prize was awarded to the team who had presented the best digital solution. Members of the winning team will have the opportunity to develop their idea with the support of Schwan Cosmetics.

Schwan Cosmetics organized their first “BeautyThon” on 23-24 July 2017 at the Mindspace and Rocket Tower in Berlin.

Schwan Cosmetics organized their first “BeautyThon” on 23-24 July 2017 at the Mindspace and Rocket Tower in Berlin.

Premium Beauty News - With your company now thoroughly involved in these subjects, what will be the next step?

Bernd Preuschoff - The cosmetics industry is an exciting field which, compared to other industries, is still in the early stages of its digital development, which therefore leaves room for innovation.

As a market leader and a leader in innovation, Schwan Cosmetics is well positioned to play a pioneering role in the sector. We want to make rapid progress in this area with our customers, partners and employees. In 2018, we also intend to broaden the circle of the BeautyThon participants to about a hundred (currently 40)

Interview by Jean-Yves Bourgeois


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