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Packaging & design

Cosmogen: A series of innovations

At MakeUp in Paris 2017, Cosmogen, a French specialist of cosmetic brushes, accessories and packaging dedicated to skin care and makeup applications, showcased their latest innovations.

Since 1982, Cosmogen’s marketing and R&D teams continue to monitor the markets, trends and consumption habits to develop the packaging, brushes, applicators and gestures that will contribute to the performance of tomorrow’s cosmetics.

Attract One Expert and Drop Brush: Two selections in the Innovation Tree

Beyond technical innovation [1] Attract One Expert offers a full care ritual, from the controlled release of the formula to its targeted application. Its Ø12mm removable ball, totally free of its movement, is the ally of anti-aging skin care products. When heated, it relaxes and facilitates the penetration of the formula. When chilled, it massages, decongests and stimulates the epidermis.

Furthermore, with the exclusive decorative options offered by Cosmogen, Attract One Expert fits the needs of ultra-premium skin care products.

Regarding the patented range of Tear Drop brushes made by Cosmogen, it has a specific ferrule, that provides the tuft with a tear drop shape, perfect for makeup application. The narrow side allows to apply the formula on the areas that are difficult to reach, such as the eye contour or the nose, while the rounded side covers the broader areas of the face. The dense and flat tuft allows to adjust the coverage for a professional and harmonious makeup.

The whole range consists of six brushes: a foundation brush, a sculpting brush, a concealer brush, an eye brush, a lip brush and a fresh-faced brush especially made for aqueous foundation formulas.

Clear Puff: A playfull, innovative and practical applicator

This soft and easy-to-use applicator was designed to apply creams, liquid and foam foundations. It has the advantage of not wasting product since it restores 100% of the formula, and requires therefore a small volume of formula.

Its flexibility and easy handling make it possible to work the formula easily and to stretch it for a result without trace. The magnifying effect due to its transparent material also makes it possible to control the accuracy of the application.

It fits all areas of the face and suits for sensitive skins. It is easy to clean up and dry instantly. It can also replace the sponge inside the cushion compact.

Technical data:

  • Inner material: PU gel
  • Outer material: TPU film

Brush Cleaning Pad: The smart ally for cleaning brushes

Cosmogen has designed these Brush Cleaning Pads to clean up brushes in depth, and to make them look like new before each next use.

Main characteristics:

  • Patented expert design
  • Usable with all brushes: cream & powder
  • 4 individual pads for better efficiency and adaptability
  • Large surface of use more convenient for large tufts
  • Specific dry cleaning pad for powder brushes allowing a fast daily cleaning
  • Good grip
  • Ergonomic for traveling
  • Washable & long lasting

All Face Fan by Michel Limongi

Further to its aesthetic character, this brush is made of double length hair that was specially designed by the engineers of Cosmogen. Its easy grip inspires a new gesture that naturally subdues the contours of the face and reveals its shadow and light areas with natural and elegance. All Face Fan, as named by Michel Limongi, is “the magic brush for complexion”, says Cosmogen.

"This double-sided fan was necessary to create an innovative make-up gesture to achieve all kinds of style: tanning, blush, strobing, contouring, natural complexion. According to me, this double-length hair brush is the perfect answer to the difficulties that all women encounter: pressing too much, taking too much color, and touch ups. The easy control of pressure provides a natural, easy, no-stain, and no-trace makeup,’’ says Michel Limongi.

Technical features:

  • Tuft: 2-length synthetic fibres
  • Handle: PS
  • Decoration: Silk Screening



[1] The patented system made by the magnet / valve / ball allows the distribution of the formula and permitting the valve to open by pressure of the tube, while maintaining the attractive power of the magnet on the ball. Once the pressure on the tube is released, the valve resumes its position and ensures sealing, preserving the formula from risk of contamination, whether during application or during cleaning with water.


  • Attract One Expert by Cosmogen
  • Tear Drop brushes made by Cosmogen
  • Clear Puff, by Cosmogen
  • Brush Cleaning Pad, by Cosmogen
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