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Cosmetic Group USA: A staggering 48% rise

The US firm specialized in the creation and production of makeup formulas has literally pulverized its 2015/2016 year to year results.... And the current year looks even more promising, not to say historic! Overview with Judy Zegarelli and Andrea Chuchvara.

Premium Beauty News - Was the year satisfying in terms of activity for Cosmetic Group USA?

Judy Zegarelli - 2016 was another stellar year for Cosmetic Group USA.  Our product development efforts from 2015 were the catalyst that drove 2016 revenues to a 48% increase over the previous year.

Premium Beauty News - What is the DNA of Cosmetic Group USA?

Judy Zegarelli - Cosmetic Group USA, Inc. is a Contract Manufacturer. Our award winning formulations and technologies help drive the beauty industry forward. No other cosmetics and personal care manufacturer offers the beauty industry the partnership, vision and leadership required for truly innovative and proven category-making products.

Cosmetic Group USA, Inc. provides advanced quality control in an industry where excellence is expected. Measures are applied throughout the manufacturing process from the chemist in our labs to the production line, assuring you the finest products and packaging. We make the impossible possible. No job is too complex. No formula is too complicated. We take on what our competitors cannot.

Premium Beauty News - Such an impressive growth implies significant investments?

Andrea Chuchvara - In order to service the revenue growth Cosmetic Group USA invested into two automated fill and assembly lines, and has plans for two more in 2017. We also finalized plans to grow our current manufacturing space from 72,000 square feet to 190,000 square feet which will be complete in 2017.

Premium Beauty News - Did you launch any new products during this period, and if so which ones?

Judy Zegarelli - In the past year we developed over 30 new products for MakeUp in Action, MakeUp in Paris and MakeUP in New York.  We have an additional 26 new products created by our Innovation Lab for MakeUp in LA, 2017.

Since 1986, we’ve partnered with the world’s best-loved beauty brands that range from mass to prestige to luxury, and distributed through mass, direct, online retail and specialty channels. Every product we make is created, formulated, produced and assembled in our Los Angeles, California factory. If “Made in America” is important to the customer and its brand, Cosmetic Group USA, Inc. delivers exactly what he need.

We love breaking new ground. If it can be done, we make it happen. Cosmetic Group USA, Inc. guides the product from concept inception through formula design to custom package selection and assembly—helping the customer bring it to life and to market.

We don’t follow trends. We set them. Our history promises it. Our clients’ popularity and profitability proves it.

Premium Beauty News - How does 2017 look like for your Company?

Andrea Chuchvara - We are building out a state of the art manufacturing facility, increasing our automation capabilities, and launching a newly patented powder product.

In the area of new product development our Color R+D and Skin Science labs are ready to provide innovative formulas using the latest ingredients. Existing products will also be a focus so we can work to develop trendsetting shade extensions. As we increasingly see our industry taken into a global marketplace that has undergone substantial change we find ourselves dealing with new sets of rules that need to be followed.

Cosmetic Group USA, Inc. can provide the information to take the products into new markets. Our experienced chemists know which raw materials are approved for use in which countries and can work to create formulas tailored to your market. The paperwork necessary to register finished goods overseas can be provided by our Regulatory staff during the R+D process. Collaborating on exciting new projects while working to understand all that is required to make them a reality will help us and our customer both grow.

Interview by Jean-Yves Bourgeois

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