German designer and manufacturer of lipstick, mascara and lip gloss tubes, OEKAbeauty has developed a brand new lipstick, called "Hollywood", with a classical and slightly rounded square shape in combination with a shiny middle ring to give a touch of luxury to the product.

The tube is made of ABS whilst anodized aluminum is used for the shiny middle ring and the inner shell. The mechanism comes with a 12.1mm cup.

The production tools for the components are all set up and the lipstick is available as of now. As always OEKAbeauty build all components in-house in Bamberg and can additionally offer both UV and PU lacquering/metallization or can decorate the lipstick with a hot foil print or silk-screening,” says Frank Bierkandt, Assistant General Management of OEKAbeauty.

Even though, during the most recent years, OEKAbeauty has been focusing on the production of mascara and lip gloss packaging to supply major brands worldwide, the company remains an important manufacturer of lipstick packaging.

"In fact, we are one of the last European suppliers that still produce lipsticks completely made in Europe. And we want to continue our developments in this field. Our patented lipstick mechanism is state-of-the-art and we increasingly see that many brands - from mass to luxury markets – appreciate lipstick quality made in Bamberg, Germany," emphasized Bierkandt.